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Crossroads Centre Inc.

Member Directory Listings for
Crossroads Centre Inc.


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About Us

Mission: To lead the way in abstinence based recovery through connection, wellness and empowerment.

Vision: Crossroads, where re-connection and self-discovery meet.

Values: Compassion, Accountability, Resilience and Excellence

Crossroads Centre provides both pre-treatment and post-treatment services to men and women over the age of 18. Our program supports individuals to develop and strengthen connections and skills that reflect their personal recovery goals to live life without substances. Inspiration and hope in early recovery is also important. In addition to group programming and one-to-one support we promote peer connections, participation in cultural ceremony, 12-Step meetings, working with a sponsor and engaging in service work to guide and maintain recovery.

Addiction is not a choice and it can happen to anyone. Too often shame and stigma are barriers to starting the journey of recovery. It takes courage to ask for help and begin the process of living a life free from substances. Learning how to live without drugs or alcohol can be overwhelming at first, and it takes time to learn new coping skills. Recovery comes in many forms and is available to everyone. When we become informed about this disease and change how we think about addiction, we can create a community where recovery is celebrated.


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