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We are Smart Modular Canada; Locally based modular home builders. Thunder Bay built prefabricated homes, commercial modular buildings, trailer park development and tiny (modular) house builders. The modular construction method is a great alternative to on-site new home construction. Whether it is a commercial modular building or modular home, it is built indoors in a factory setting, with quality craftsmanship and efficiencies that support a home being completed in a matter of weeks. These prefab homes don’t see the typical on-site delays caused predominantly by unpredictable Ontario weather and inevitable sub-contractor delays. Our finished modular homes are covered and transported to the new locations in Manitoba and Ontario where they are assembled by a builder.

The fast and efficient nature of building prefab homes makes them a great solution for those who want to move into their new home quickly, for anyone looking to transition into a tiny house, developers looking to build a modular trailer park, communities in need of a quick emergency space solution, or for corporate organizations looking for bunkhouses, office trailers, warehouses, cook facilities and more.

A modular home is not a mobile home; it is simply a home built off-site, as opposed to on-site. At Smart Modular Canada, we want to provide you a smarter, faster and better way to get you in your new home, so you can move forward with building memories.


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