Member Directory Listings for
CITRN (Canadian Immigration Technical Resource Network)

Member Directory Listings for
CITRN (Canadian Immigration Technical Resource Network)

CITRN (Canadian Immigration Technical Resource Network)

Human Resources Consultant

About Us

We at CITRN, assist Canadian companies in meeting their labor shortage through the placement of foreign workers, in adherence to the mandate of the Federal Government. We undertake all recruitment and legal procedures required to place a foreign worker in your company.

We are a 35-year-old licensed Immigration and Recruitment Company based in Toronto. Our aim is to provide long-term work retention for our clients to enhance their operations' stability and efficiency.

About RNIP:
The Rural and Northern immigration pilot is specifically designed for Employers seeking a long-term solution to their labor problems in the region.
A community/ employer driven program, is designed for employers having a permanent labor force in many sectors in the labor crisis in THUNDER BAY.
By participating in the RNIP, employers like you can extend full-time permanent job offers to skilled foreign workers, helping to fill crucial roles within your organization. This not only meets your immediate staffing needs but also contributes to the growth and development of your community, creating a more robust and sustainable workforce.
Our team at Citrn, a licensed recruitment and immigration consultancy, is dedicated to assisting employers navigate the RNIP process. We provide comprehensive support, from identifying eligible candidates to ensuring compliance with program requirements.


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