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Digital Engineering INC

Member Directory Listings for
Digital Engineering INC

Digital Engineering INC

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About Us

Digital Engineering is a process management technologies firm that assists companies who are looking to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. Since 1976, we have been working in collaboration with our clients to learn their processes and apply forward thinking and creativity to develop products and services around their specific needs. Our talent is to create hardware and software solutions ranging from interfaces that share information between process controls and business systems, to complete Automation and Energy Management projects. Our collaborative approach allows our idea fueled staff of professionals to develop an understanding of the problem before we propose a solution. We have a unique development capability that goes beyond off the shelf solutions and our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that results meet expectations. Our team of engineers, programmers, technologists, and technicians have implemented systems from the shop floor to the top floor for clients in the Energy, Grain, Forestry and Mining sectors, just to name a few.

Our Vision
''To be a recognized leader in the development and
application of process management technologies.''


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