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In Canada, healthcare coverage starts at the door of the doctor’s office. How you get to the doctor and any related travel costs fall to you. For people living in small and rural communities across the country, traveling long distances to their specialist medical appointments comes at a cost of time or money. Canadian families living near or below the poverty line can afford neither.

We're the only national charity providing free flights to low-income Canadians who must travel to specialist medical care that does not exist in their communities. Hope Air believes that where you live in Canada and how much money you make should not determine your ability to access our healthcare system. A free flight, accommodations and related travel supporters lets families focus on what is truly important – their health.

We serve people from across Canada, of every age, with any illness. Since 1986, we are proud to have provided more than 200,000 travel arrangements thanks so our generous network of funders, partners and donors.

Better access. Better health.


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Jon Collins
Chief Development Officer
  • Phone: (416) 800-9032